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But before buying diamonds you should have proper knowledge for instance “4Cs” where fifth “C” is the certificate which of utmost importance. The certification for the purity of the diamond should be authorized by the certified lab, not by the jeweler themselves.

Diamond Jewelry Online India

You might think shopping online for diamonds is a hectic task but it’s just a myth. Online shopping has become so easy and gives options to make the best choice for designs. It also gives you a detailed description of the diamond or diamond jewellery you are buying. 

Latest Diamond for Women and Men

People used to think that diamonds are online for women beauty but this is not the fact Men also admire diamonds to enhance the looks and personality. You can find Diamonds in all the women jewellery, for instance, diamond necklaces, diamond bangles, diamond rings, diamond earrings, diamond nose pins and many others. The same thing you can find for men’s, there are lot more accessories which men admire some of them are Diamond Watches, Diamond Cufflinks, Diamond Rings and so on.

Diamond Jewellery Designs

At, Tansh you will find the latest diamond jewelry designs and collections. Here you will find a blend of trendy and traditional designs.  Get connected to top brand jewellers of India where you will get best handcrafted certified diamond jewellery.
The jewellers associated with Tansh are certified and associated with authorized labs. Buying jewellery from Tansh will always save your precious time, money and energy. Buying diamond jewellery online is much cheaper than buying jewellery from online stores. As you will be saved from long ques whereas online you just have to browse the jewellery. At Tansh, you can make a comparison easier for brands, designs, prices, and many others.
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