Gemstone Collections

Buying Gemstones Online can be a hectic task to resolve this issue. We at Tansh came up with the one-stop solution. After the emergence of online business, now you can buy gemstones online from anywhere anytime. 

A gemstone is a piece of mineral crystal which finally cut and polished which is mainly used for astrology and making jewellery.  The gemstones are known from different names, for instance, precious stones or semi-precious stones, gem, fine gem and more. 

Buying Gemstone Online Shopping, India

How you can find the perfect gemstone for yourself. For that, you must have the proper knowledge of gemstones. So, here we will discuss a few detailed knowledge which you should know before buying gemstones online in India. 

Type of Gemstones:

Generally, gemstones are classified into two main categories which are: 
Organic Gemstone
Inorganic Gemstone

Both types of gemstone come from some sort of living sources. Organic gemstone are formed from biological processes, whether animal or vegetables and some of them are ambers, coral, jet, and pearl. On the other hand inorganic gemstone are Ruby, Sapphire, cat’s eye, Hessonite, Emerald and Quartz. 

How Buying Gemstone from Tansh is Feasible?

At Tansh, we are associated with hallmarked certified jewellers who have authorised lab and sale certified gemstones online. Selecting and buying gemstone online is extremely important and more than this to know about the gem purity and the genunity of seller or jeweller. 

Tansh ensures that you will buy online gemstone shopping safe, convenient, easy and secure. We always believe in transparency in dealing with our clients. To implement this we are associated with genuine and hallmarked jewellers. 

Know Your Gems before You Buy the Gems Jewellery Designs

The Price of pre-studded jewellery with precious gems can differ on the gems as well as on the size of gems. For instance, a neckpiece with chain and a haram, both studded with precious gemstone. Therefore the price of the gems differs on the basis of the colour, size and type of gems. 

To eliminate the confusion of selecting the perfect gems for you and buying it at an affordable price, we are associated with top India’s gems and jewelry sellers.

How to Buy Precious Organic and Inorganic Gems Online shopping?

Today, anything can be bought online. Buying Gems and Gemstone jewellery online at Tansh we guarantee the quality of both metal and studded gems. Now, you can experience yourself of our huge range of lustrous gems and new design gemstone jewellery

Buy gemstone antique design jewellery from our exclusive range which is crafted to cater our entire customer’s need. Not only this, but you can also buy precious gems jewellery crafted from, rock crystal, citrine, moonstone, blue sapphire, emerald, and ruby gemstone. All these adorable gemstones can wear anytime, as per your zodiac signs such as gemstone of Gemini, Venus, Virgo, Aries and for all the zodiac signs. 

So, what are you waiting for? Buy rings, necklaces, studs, earrings, bangles, studded with precious organic and inorganic gemstones.