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Staying true to our airy aesthetic, our bangles evidently accentuate your wrists with stunning opulence. From the ethnic Indian Gold bangle lover to the current design wearer, anybody will discover an array of adornments suitable to their tastes.

Buy Gold Bangles Online

In India traditionally, women wear gold bangles as a sign of prosperity. But nowadays women also wear gold bangles to enhance her beauty and add charm to her personality.
Gold Bangles which are traditionally also called as Kangan or Kada. Gold Bangles are the part of every women attire and it is a must jewellery accessory in their jewellery collection. Every person have different choice of wearing bangles, for instance, working women love to wear antique design gold bangles in one wrist, some will prefer to wear lightweight gold bangles for daily purpose, Girls admire to wear bracelets type bangles and for parties, some will love to wear traditional gold bangles.  
But buying gold bangles online can be tiresome and there will chance of looting and fraud. To eliminate this problem we come up with the one-stop solution TANSH. It is India first jewellery digital marketing platform which is associated with verified jewelers of India. 
     You can Buy, What You Can See
With this aim, we always prefer to provide you with detailed information about Gems and jewellery. To make it easier for our valuable customers we are putting high-quality images of Gems and Jewels. 
At Tansh, you can explore a broad range of gold bangles which suits everyone tastes.  At our huge directory you can find Gold bangles for Girls, traditional Gold bangles for women, antique or unique designed Gold bangles for brides, trendy Gold bangles for working women and girls and so on. Tansh is always committed to provide the best quality designed gold bangles to our customers.
Tansh Caters Everyone Needs and Wants 

Lavish Studded Gold Bangles:

Checkout the huge range of gemstone and diamond studded gold bangles. You can go through our huge range directory of gold bangles, where you can explore trendy and traditional designed gold bangles such as simple circular designed gold bangles, oxidized gold studded bangles, antique diamond studded gold bangles and so on.

Stunning Plain Gold Bangles:

At Tansh, we have a large range of plain gold bangles in different stylish designed, for instance, Pachi Plain Gold Bangles, Polki Plain Gold Bangles, Handmade Plain Gold Bangles, Bridal Plain Gold Bangles and so on. You can buy Plain Gold Bangles in different sets of two, four and so on. All the gold bangles are available in different size as well which can get to know from the description of the gold bangles. 

Different Color Gold Bangles:

 Whether you love yellow, white or rose gold you can get the gold bangles in all these three colours. Not only this, but you can also get one gold bangle in these tri-colours. The jewellers associated with Tansh you can also customize the gold bangles as per the colours of your preference. 

Almost Everything for Everyone

Buy Gold Bangles for Woman:

Every women and girl admire one jewellery which is Gold Bangles. Whether you are working women or a would-be bride you can explore are the biggest range of designer gold bangles in different designs such as:

·         Round Gold Bangles for Woman

·         Ladies Open-top Gold Bangles

·         White Gold Bangles for Woman

·         Cuff Gold Bangles for Girls

·         Colorful Gold Kangan for Women


Buy Mens Gold Bangle/Kada:

Why do people think only women can wear jewellery? This is not true. Men also enhance their personality by wearing gold accessories. At Tansh, we initiate a step to provide Gems and jewellery for men as well. By taking this step forward we offer an exclusive range of Mens Gold Bangles/ Kada. You can view a number of a new collection of Mens Gold Bangles or Kada designs such as:

·         Broad Band Mens Gold Bangle

·         Stylish Gold Bangle for Men

·         Handcrafted Mens Gold Kada

·         Antique Designed Gold Kada for Men

Now, Buy Gold Bangles Online with Safety
Buying gold Bangles online can be that easy now. You just have to look for nearby gold jewellers online and you will get a number of jewellers listed. Finding a genuine jeweler online is a tiresome so, to resolve this issue we came up with the one stop solution, TANSH. Associated with the branded jewellers of India, deals in pure gold jewelry provide you the best quality Gold Bangles. Buying Traditional Gold Bangles online is that now. Browse more than 17000 gems and jewellery designs at Tansh. There are a lot more reasons to buy Gems and jewelry online.
To explore the other stunning design of gold bangles please visit all the designs. So, what are you waiting to go visit the entire Gold Bangles directory today!